Studi Pengaruh Ketebalan Coran Terhadap Struktur Mikro Dan Kekerasan Besi Cor Pada Kasus Pembuatan Besi Cor Vermicular

Eko Surojo, Didik Djoko Susilo, Teguh Triyono, Muhammad Lukman K


Abstract : This work conducted to study the effect of section size on the microstructure and hardness of cast iron with 0,07 % Mg content. The chemical composition of the alloyed used was 2,63 %C-2,41 %Si-0,428 %Mn-0,006 %S-0,07 %Mg- 0,021%Ti-0,068 %Cr-0,043 %Ni-0,123 %Cu-0,022 %W-0,019 %Mo-0,009 %Al-0,006 %Co-0,007 %V.The section size of casts were varied10 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm using green sand mold. Results show that microstructure and hardness of the cast were affected by the section size. A thinner section size promotes harder, more pearlite phase and nodular graphite stucture.Nodular graphite structures were obtained at 10 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm wall thickness. While vermicular graphite structure was obtained at 40 mm wall thickness.

Keywords : Vermicular graphite, Nodular graphite, Section size

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