Perancangan Dan Analisis Kekuatan Konstruksi Mesin Tekuk Plat Hidrolik

Tyas Ari Wibowo, Wahyu Purwo Raharjo, Bambang Kusharjanta


Abstract : Manufacturing business has developed very rapidly this year; not only large companies but also small companies contribute to developing manufacturing business. Small-to-medium scale enterprises still use simple instruments compared with large companies. The example is bending process. The small-to-medium scale enterprises still use conventionalmethod, such as knocking the material or clamping it, until the bended material and meet the objective. This process is not efficient and effective, because of much cost, time, and energyuses, but the quality of result is not guaranteed. Learning from that problem, the small-to-medium scale enterprises should reduce the expense using several affordable bending machines but have good quality to improve their productivity. This research aimed to get a plate bending machine design with low cost and high quality so that the small companies could compete with the large ones. The designed bending machine should pass through calculation, 3D imaging and be simulated to get a safe bending machine design. The design process was conducted by obtaining the design concept developed by the respondents. The calculation of each component comprising it was conducted by using simulation feature of Solidwork 2012 software. From the design, calculation, and simulation processes, the strength of every machine component could be estimated, so that the selection of shape, size, and material of every component could be decided more effectively. The result of design constituted bending machine work image in 2 m (length) x 1 m (width) x 2.6 m (height) dimension. The machine employed a hydraulic mechanic system with two actuator cylinders having 90 ton capacities and would be used to bend the material with ultimate strength to 370 N/mm2 with the maximum thickness of 7 mm. From the result of simulation using Solidwork 2012 software, the design of machine could restrain the load of bending strength to 882 kN without construction failure.

Keywords : Bending machine, Solidwork analyze

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