Pengaruh Pre-Strain Dan Tegangan Listrik Terhadap Sifat Mampu Las Dan Kekuatan Sambungan Las Titik Beda Material Antara Ss400 Dan Jslaus (J1)

Sutiyono ., Triyono ., Nurul Muhayat


Abstract : In this study, Effect of pre-strain on the weldability and the strength of dissimilar resistance spot welded joint between SS400 and J1 was investigated. In the joining process, electrode pressure and weld time were kept equal and four different pre-strain (0%;1%1,5%;2%) with four different voltages were chosen. Microstructure, micro hardness, tensile-shear properties and failure mode of resistance spot welded joints were examined. As a result of experiment, the increasing of welding voltage increased the fusion zone size lead to increasing of tensile load bearing capacity. It also changed the interface failure mode to the pullout failure mode. It also determined that increasing of pre-strain decreased tensile load bearing capacity distinctly at low voltage but nearly same at high voltage and changed the failure mode. Pullout failure mode occured at all pre-strain level with 3.20V welding voltage and 0% pre-strain with 2.67V welding voltage.

Keywords : Resistance spot welding, Dissimilar metals weld, Pre-strain, Voltage, Weldability

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