Karakteristik Model Turbin Angin Untwisted Blade Dengan Menggunakan Tipe Airfoil Nrel S833 Pada Kecepatan Angin Rendah

Muhammad Fariedl Faqihuddin, Muhammad Wahy Nizam, Dominicus Danardono Dwi Prija Tjahjana


Abstract : Increasing energy needs from time to time lead to scarcity of energy in many countries. To overcome this energy shortages several countries race to generate energy from new sources of renewable energy. Wind is one of the renewable energy source that is environmentally friendly. In the area of low wind speed small scale wind turbines can be used to generate electrical energy. This research was conducted to find out the characteristics of the wind turbine model working on low wind speed. Model of the wind turbine used is a three bladed horizontal axis wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 70 cm. The Wind turbine has untwisted blades, made of fiberglass and has a cross-section of airfoil NREL S833. The wind used in this study came from a fan that serves as the source of the wind with wind speed variation of 2,43 m/s, 2,98 m/s and 3,23 m/s. The result of the study showed that the wind turbine model works the best at pitch angle of 100. On the 100pitch angle, the characteristics of the power to rotation speed and the power coefficient (cp) to tip speed ratio (λ) for every wind speed variation were derived. The maximum power derived at wind speed of 2.43 m/s, 2.98 m/s and 3.23 m/s each is 0.605 W at 406 rpm by cp=0.18 at λ= 6.1; 1.311 W at 513 rpm by cp=0.21 at λ=6.3; and 1,673 W at 561 rpm by cp=0.21, λ = 6.3.

Keywords : Wind Turbine, Pitch angle, Power coefficient, Tip speed ratio, Untwisted blade

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