Rancang Bangun Dynamometer Untuk Pengukuran Gaya Potong Mesin Bubut

Gandung Sam P, Didik Djoko Susilo, Zainal Arifin


Abstract : The aim of this project is to develop dynamometer for cutting force measurement in turning process. The dynamometer measured tangential and radial force using strain gauge sensor. The step of dynamometer development consist of design, manufacturing and calibration process. Design process was started from identified customer need, arranged design requirement and objective, arranged design concept and appointed the best concept. The best concept was drafted detailly and was analyzed its stress. After design process complete, electrical and mechanical device of dynamometer was made. After that, the dynamometer was assembled for calibration process. Calibration process consist of linearity error, hysteresis and repeatability error. Linearity error for tangential and radial force was 0,71% and 1,43% respectively. Hysteresis for tangential and radial force was 1,92% and 2,91% respectively. Repeatability error for tangential and radial force was 3,85% and 3,96% respectively. Dynamometer dimension was 190 mm x 60 mm x 60 mm. The dynamometer can measure maximum force of 500 N for tangential and axial force.

Keywords : Cutting force, Dynamometer, Strain gauge, Calibration

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