Pengaruh Ketebalan Material Dan Clearance Progressive Dies Terhadap Kualitas Produk Ring M7

V Y Suryadi, Heru Sukanto, Wijang Wisnu Raharjo


Abstract : Washer component manufacturing is mostly done by blanking and piercing technique. The purpose of this research is determining the effect of clearance on product quality and to determine the optimal clearance. Good quality of washer could be achieved by cutting process on the punch and die of progressive dies where the provisions of clearance properly calculated The research was conducted by using the M7 washer, M7 washer making use of progressive dies. The research was conducted with a wide range of plate thickness, between 0.7 mm to 1.4 mm and also varies clearances between 0.025 mm / side up to 0.125 mm / side. The result shows that material thickness affect to quality of ring M7 product.The thicker of material will cause the higher burr, in that means poor quality.The clearence affect to quality of ring M7 product.The wider clearence will cause the higher burr, in that means poor quality.Refer to research conducted, the best quality of product set on 0,7 mm material thickness with 0,025 mm clearence which is 0,003 mm burr developed.

Keywords : Washer M7, thickness, looseness (clearance), burr

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