Aplikasi Polimer Biodegradable Dan Dampaknya Pada Ekonomi Dan Lingkungan

R Hari Setyanto


Abstract : Increased need for biodegradable materials marked with the user's interests in agriculture, medicine, and environment-friendly packaging. In particular, biodegradable polymeric materials (better known as biocomposites) are very interesting to discuss in this paper, because it’s the backbone polymer plastic materials. Many scientists and industry practitioners take the time to develop biodegradable polymers on the basis of cheap raw materials from renewable resources and more environmentally friendly. A number of biological materials can be used as biodegradable polymeric materials, such as starch and fiber are extracted from various plants. High level of confidence that the biodegradable polymer materials will reduce the need for synthetic polymer production (thus reducing pollution) with a low cost, so it will’ve a positive impact, both for the economy and the environment.

Keywords : Biodegradable, Material, Polymers, Economic impact, Environmental impact

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