Karakterisasi Produk Ubin Berbahan Dasar Plastik PP Dan Karet Ban Bekas Dengan Metode Pressured Sintering

Agung Rohmad, Heru Sukanto, Wijang Wisnu Raharjo


Abstract : The purpose of this research to characterize the effect of PP (polypropylene) plastic/tire rubber volume fraction variations on the physical and mechanical properties floor of PP plastic-tire rubber composite produced by pressured sintering method. PP type of recycled plastic and tire rubber material in the form of powders used in the study. The composition of PP plastic/tire rubber composite was varied with 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, and 80/20 volume %. Pressing pressure was done using vertical uni-axial single action of 0.2 Mpa constantly at 130oC, and for 10 minutes. The properties of speciment were tested included density, falling ball impact and heat conductivity referred to ASTM D1037 and ASTM E1225. The result of research shows that the decreasing of density and heat conductivity are proportionally inverse to the increasing of PP plastic volume fraction. The impact strength increase proportionally to the increasing of PP plastic volume fraction. The impact energy optimal increase to 240.7% occur in PP plastic/tire rubber volume fraction of 70/30 for floor tile.

Keywords : PP-rubber composite, pressured sintering, powder, technology.

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