Pengaruh Pemakaian Serbuk Jerami Ir 64 Sebagai Filler Komposit Uprs Terhadap Kekuatan Tarik Ditinjau Dari Variasi Fraksi Berat

Wijang Wisnu Raharjo, Dody Ariawan


Abstract : The aim of this research is to investigate the effect of rice straw
weight fraction on tensile strength of rice straw filled Unsaturated Polyester
Resins composites. The research composites used Unsaturated Polyester 157
BQTN-EX as the matrices and rice straw IR64 as the filler. The rice straw is
sizing in 20 meshes and mixed with matrices by hand lay up method for it
making. And mad at several weigth fractions (0%, 2.5 %, 5%, 7.5 % and 10
%). The experiment result conclusions, such as the tensile strength
properties have decreasing values as long as the increasing weight fraction.
The decreasing of tensile strength properties is caused by the wax and silica
composition on the rice straw that make poor bonding strength between filler
and matrices.

Key words: rice straw, composites

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