Simulasi Numerik Perpindahan Panas Pada Cerobong Segiempat Dengan Metode Elemen Hingga Dan Beda Hingga

Raymundus Lullus Lambang G Hidajat, Eko Prasetya Budiana, Eko Yanuarto


Abstract : Numerical simulation for Heat Transfer at Chimney with variation material doneto know the conduction phenomenon that happened in chimney with convection boundary condition. Simulation done by solving governing equations of conduction with convection boundary condition using finite element approximation and finite different approximation. Finite element approximation done with makes by mesh of element, nodal coordinate and determine convection boundary condition with Galerkin formulation approximation. Finite different approximation done by solving governing equations with ADI method for calculation conduction equation of x and y direction. Finite element method and finite different method solved with Fortran Power Station 4.0 and Matlab 7. Result of simulation from both method shown as visualization happen same temperature distribution at chimney. From both method for same material at YX=1 happen difference equal to 1,6385 % and for difference material at YX=1 happen difference equal to 1,9033 %. From difference both method shown that this method can be accepted for case of heat transfer at chimney.

Key word : conduction, convection boundary conditionn, chimney, finite
element method, finite different method.

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