Desain Optimasi Fungsi Tak Linier Menggunakan Metode Penyelidikan Fibonacci

Nurul Muhayat, Yemi Kuswardi


Abstract: optimum design is an action to design the best product based on the problem. Theoretically, the problem of optimum design can be shown into mathematics’ model. It has linear or non linear program, it’s depends on the effect of variables. The finishing of non linear program can be done through iteration process numerically. One of the method can be used to finish that problem is Fibonacci Investigating method. This method can be used by the requirements of the objective function from non liner program that is called unimodal function. The usage of this method is preceded with establishing interval that contain optimum point by using the characteristic of unimodal function. Then, search the total finding needed to reach the required detail. The next step is identifying the two newest points found in the interval which contains the optimum point and comparing the functional value of both point and that of the interval limit. If the objective function is maximizing, the point with the smallest function is then being reduced. Conversely, if the objective function is minimizing, the point which is reduced is one with the greatest functional value. The result of that is new interval. That procedure is repeated until the total finding equal to one. If the total finding equal to one so the point is located in the middle of the new finding interval which is the optimum point of the objective function.

Key words: Optimum design, objective function, Fibonacci Investigating

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