Deteksi Kerusakan Bantalan Gelinding Pada Pompa Sentrifugal Dengan Analisis Sinyal Getaran

Didik Djoko Susilo


Abstract : The aim of the research was to detect the fault of rolling bearing in a centrifugal pump by vibration signal analysis. The investigation was focused on the frequencies of the bearing components, that are: frequency of outer race, inner race, ball, dan cage. The pump with power 5,5 Hp and speed 1495 was used in the experiment. The vibration data was obtain by piezeelectric accelerometer, and a digital storage osciloscope. The MATLAB software then was used to process the data to get signal spectrum. Analysis of the signal spectrum gaves that good condition rolling bearing have amplitude of 0,8 Volt. While, in defect ball bearings there were increases of amplitude in ball bearing components harmonic frequencies. The increase of amplitude were 1,2 Volt in 4 x Ball Pass Frequency of Inner Race (BPFI), 1,66 Volt in 3 x Ball Pass Frequency oh Outer Race (BPFO), and 2 Volt in 2 x Ball Spin Frequency (BSF). These increases of frequancies indicated the damage of the ball bearing components.

Kata kunci : Centrifugal pump, rolling bearing, vibration signal, signal spectrum analysis

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