Analisis Performansi Prototipe Pengering Jamur Kuping Dengan Memanfaatkan Efek Rumah Kaca Dan Energi Suplemen Dari Biobriket Limbah Log Bag

Budi Kristiawan, Rendy Adhi Rachmanto, Waluyo Triyono


Abstract : The aim of this research is to evaluate of temperature distribution and solar radiation in the greenhouse effect Auricularia sp. mushroom drying. This research also determined drying efficiency of greenhouse effect. Greenhouse effect dryer prototype is made to dry Auricularia sp. mushroom. The dimension of prototype is length 3 m, width 3 m and height 3 – 2.7 m with roof at an angel. Drying of mushroom is done by exploiting greenhouse effect and adding with stove biobriquette as supplement energy at a cloudy or in the night. Biobriquette is made from 25 % coal and 75 % log bag waste of ear mushroom. Combustion rate from burning of biobriquette is 0.56 kg/hour. Analysis of experiment is done to obtain performance from drying of ear mushroom. Experiment is done to dry mushroom about 1 kg in the three batch. The solar radiation of the greenhouse decrease 30% from surrounding. But, the air temperature of green house increase 11,7% from surrounding temperature.

Key words : Drying, greenhouse dryer prototype, biobriquette, drying efficiency

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