Unjuk Kerja Solar Assisted Heat Pump Water Heater Dengan Variasi Refrigeran CFC-12, HFC-134A Dan HCR-134A

Wibawa Endra Juwana


Abstrak : An experimental study was conducted to determine the performance of a solar assisted heat pump water heater ( SAHPWH ). The system utilised flat unglazed aluminium collectors to absorb solar and ambient energy and used to evaporate the working fluid. The system was tested with refrigerant CFC-12, HFC-134a, and HCR-134a. Compressor was controlled by constant rotation. CFC- 12 and HFC-134a admission based on working pressure and HCR-134a 30% - 40% from weight CFC-12 or HFC-134a. Solar radiation was 600 W/m2 and water volume was 50 litre. Experimental results was indicated that HCR-134a has heat capacities,COP heat pump standart,COP actual was higher than CFC-12 and HFC- 134a. The highest water temperature was produced by HCR-134a was 640C.

Keywords: SAHPWH, HCR-134a, HFC-134a, CFC-12, COP

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