Analisis Performansi Model Oven Kayu Sistem Integral Hp/T Collector Dan Desain Rekayasa Prototipe Hybrid Mobile Wood Dryer

Budi Kristiawan, Joko Triyono, Muhammad Eriq A


Abstract : The aim of this research is to introduce applied technology and engineering design of hybrid mobile wood prototype. Energy source of the hybrid mobile wood dryer prototype are heat pump dryer and thermal collector. That two kind of energy source is called integrated system HP/T Collector. The integrated system HP/T Collector is a technological innovation which developed as a device for wood drying process. The dried wood samples are teak wood (Tectona Grandis Linn. F.) and mahony wood (Swietenia Mahagoni). Material of thermal collector are a single flat black plate collector and a glass cover. The heat pump dryer use a compression vapor system with refrigerant R-134a as working fluid. The mechanism of combination integrated system HP/T Collector operates during 12 hours per cycle. The heat pump dryer operates during 2 hours respectively at the start and the end of drying process. The thermal collector dryer operates during 8 hours at the middle of drying process. The results of experiment show that using first combination is the best performance. The first combination has useful energy 1995,279 J and collector efficiency 32,6%. While, heat performance of first combination have 0,139 kg water/hr of MER, 33,5 % of SMER and 4,26 - 3,49 COP actual. And the average of convection heat transfer show 26,556 (W/m2.°C) for heat pump dryer unit and 40,884 (W/m2.°C) for thermal collector unit.

Keywords : Wood Drying Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer Thermal Collector

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