Pengaruh Manual Flame Hardening Terhadap Kekerasan Hasil Tempa Baja Pegas

Eko Surojo, Dody Ariawan, Muh. Nurkhozin


Abstract : The main purposse of this work were to study effect of manual flame hardening on the forging steel. Manual flame hardening is the surface hardening method using flame and manual operation without automatic equipment. The study of effect of manual flame hardening on the forging steell done as follows : annealing of specimen, forging, and followed by manual flame hardening. Material used in this work was car leaf spring. This research work revealed that manual flame hardening increased hardness of forging steel from 717 HV to 866 HV. On the micro structure observation, martensit and ferrite structure are formed on the specimen.

Keywords : Manual Flame Hardening Forging Steel

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