Pembuatan Bioadsorben IIC-Zn Dari Kulit Udang Asal Teluk Bintuni

Susilowati . ., Evelina . Somar, Sutarno . .


The synthesis of Imprinted Ionic Chitosan -  Zink (IIC-Zn)  has been Reported. Chitosan for IIC-Zn was prepared by deacetylating chitin isolated from shrimp shells. Complexing chitosan using metal ion Zn(II) 3000 mg/L in acetic acid solution, then cross-linked with glutaraldehyde and metal ion precursor desorbed with Na2EDTA. The solid synthesis result was identified its functional group with FTIR and its degree of deacetylation was also calculated.

The results showed that degree of deacetylation of chitosan from Bintuni shrimp shells  was 77%. Transformation of chitosan becomes IIC-Zn seen in the shift peak at 3448.72 cm-1 on chitosan be 3417.86 cm-1 at IIC-Zn , indicating the involvement of -OH and -NH2 on the binding of metal ions Zn

Keyword : Chitin, Chitosan, Deacetylatio, Glutaraldehyde

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