Pengaruh Temperatur Sintering Terhadap Sifat Ferroelektrik dan Dielektrik PbTiO3 DOPING ZnO dengan Metode Mechanical Alloying

Rindang . Fajarin, Widyastuti . ., Hariyati . Purwaningsih, Malik Anjelh Baqiya, Reny Hayu Warit


PbTiO3 is one of the electroceramic materials having a good dielectric properties for electronic applications. One of the applications is for capacitors. ZnO-doped PbTiO3 were synthesized using mechanical alloying method, namely planetary ball mill, with sintering temperatures of 900oC, 1000oC, and 1100°C. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) observations shows that the grain size increases with increasing sintering temperature. Dielectric constant and the electrical conductivity show maximum values at sintering temperature of 1000oC, which are 28,31 and 1.58x10-6Ω/m respectively, and then they decrease at sintering temperature of 1100°C. The remanent polarization increases with increasing sintering temperature, while the coercivity field does not change significantly with increasing sintering temperature. The increase of remanent polarization value with sintering temperature indicates the ferroelectric property becomes better. The maximum values of the remanent polarization and its coercivity field at the sintering temperature of 1000°C.are 59x10-12 C/m2 dan 366.7 V/m respectively.

Keywords : PbTiO3 , Mechanical Alloying Dielectric, Ferroelectric.

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