Kaji Eksperimental Pengaruh Bahan Perekat (Binder) Dan Bahan Baku Briket Terhadap Karakteristik Pembakaran Briket Limbah Industri Minyak Kelapa Sawit Dengan Menggunakan Metode Thermogravimeti Analysis (TGA)

Novi . Caroko, Wahyudi . ., Muhammed Iqbal Naim


Fossil fuel reserves in Indonesia are increasingly depleted, it is inversely proportional to the level of demand of fossil fuels continues to increase. Domestic consumption of fossil fuels are still dominated by crude oil at 54%, coal at 14%, and gas at 26.5%. The utilization of renewable energy that is absolutely necessary to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Biomass is one type of alternative energy sources that are renewable. One of biomass that can be used as an alternative energy source is the solid waste from the Palm Oil Industry covering Shells and bunches Palm Oil currently not maximum utilization. FirstlyThe waste is crushed and sieved to 20 mesh passes. The powder whom is obtained then carried briquetting process with pressure of 200 kg / cm2 with a percentage of 10% of the total adhesive 3 gram briquettes. Variation types of adhesives used are: starch, tar and a mixture of starch and tar. Briquettes combustion test conducted using Thermogravimetri Analysis (TGA). Burning characteristics of briquettes obtained includes a long burning, the value of Initiation Temperature of Volatile Matter (ITVM), Initiation Temperature of Fixed Carbon (ITFC), Peak of weight lost rate Temperature (PT), Burning out Temperature (BT), and Activation Energy (Ea ). From the results of testing that has been done can be seen that, the higher the content of volatile matter will lead to more rapid burning time and increasingly low value ITVM and Ea. The higher value will cause the bound carbon content the higher the value of ITFC, PT and BT.

Keywords : Initiation Temperature of Volatile Matter (ITVM),  Initiation Temperature of Fixed Carbon (ITFC), Peak of weight lost rate Temperature (PT), Burning out Temperature (BT),Activacy Energy(Ea).

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