Pola Aliran Dua Fase (Air+Udara) pada Pipa Horisontal dengan Variasi Kecepatan Superfisial Air

Agus Dwi Korawan


The flow pattern in the two-phase flow is  more complex than in single -phase flow , it is due to the interaction between the phases . In this study aims to look at the change in the pattern of two-phase flow in a horizontal pipe with water superficial velocity variations . Module testingused acrylic which has  inside diameter 36 mm .  Using water and air as the working fluid . Water superficial velocity variations ( Usl ) is 0.4 m / s , 0.55 m / s , 0.7 m / s , 0.85 m / s and 1.0 m / s . Volumetric ratio ( b ) is 0.05 . The results showed that  there are changes in flow patterns throughout the module test. The greater the Uslcausechanges the flow pattern of bublle flow into slug flow.

Keywords : The flow pattern,  Horizontal pipe,  Bubble flow

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