Efektifitas Abu Kayu Merbau Sebagai Katalis Heterogen dalam Reaksi Transesterifikasi Minyak Curah Menjadi Biodiesel

Darma . S, Agnes . DNL, Triyono . .


The aim of this study is to determine the effect of methanol – palm oil ratio on transesterification reaction, that was studied by using the ash of Merbau wood as heterogenous catalyst. Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) is used as tools for characterization of ash sample. The effects of methanol-palm oil mol ratio (3:1; 6:1; 9:1 and 12:1) toward the conversion of biodiesel were investigated. Biodiesel was prepared by refluxing palm oil and methanol containing ash sample that was done at temperature 40oC for 2 h. Ester layer was extracted with aquadest and dried using Na2SO4 anhydrous,and then distillated at 74 oC, The product was characterized by GC-MS, ASTM D 1298 (specific gravity 60/60 °F), ASTM D 97 (pour point), ASTM D 93 (flash point), ASTM D 445 (kinematics viscosity 40oC) and ASTM D 482 (ash content).

The result of GC-MS analysis showed that methyl palmitate is primary content of biodiesel product. Methanol-palm oil mol ratio, 6:1  gave the maximum biodiesel conversion (78,7 %). Most of the biodiesel products were similar to those of the diesel physical characters. The properties of biodiesel were relatively conformed to specification of biodiesel, except at specific gravity.

Keywords : Transesterification,  Palm oil, The ash of Merbau wood

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