Studi Eksperimental Efektivitas Alat Penukar Kalor Pipa Konsentrik Saluran Annular dengan Twisted Tape Insert Pada Fluida Nano TIO2 dengan Fluida Dasar Oli Termo XT32

Budi Santoso Wibowo, Samsul . Kamal, Budi . Kristiawan


This research examines the effectiveness of the heat exchanger pipe concentric circles a pass, with pipe in and out pipes made of Stainless Steel. Heat exchanger length 1000 mm. Flow in pipe and annulus is the opposite direction. The working fluid used was titanium dioxide TIO2 nano-fluid in the pipes. Temperature input 100 oC and cold water in the annulus with temperature input on ± 27oC. Twisted tape insert made of aluminium with a thick strip of 0.76 mm, width 6.25 mm. Twisted tape insert divariasi with a twist ratio 4 and 8, where the length of the pitch in a row of 30 mm, 60 mm and 90 mm. Twisted tape insert installed in a heat exchanger of pipe in pipe concentric circles. The purpose of this research aims to know the influence of the twist ratio of twisted tape insert against the effectiveness of heat transfer and heat transfer enhancement technology examines passively on a heat exchanger by adding additive in the form of nano particles of titanium dioxide TIO2 on Thermo oil base fluid XT32 for increased effectiveness. Research on the method of this research uses experimental study on the heat exchanger pipe concentric circles with twisted tape insert by varying the velocity of flow in the pipe the inside of the pipe concentric circles and the influence of the twist ratio against the effectiveness of heat transfer with the NTU method and LMTD. The hypothesis of this research is the use of twisted tape insert can enhanced the effectiveness of heat exchanger and with the addition of fluid nano TIO2 is expected to enhanced the effectiveness of the heat exchange.

Keywords : Fluida Nano, Twisted Tape Insert,  Twist Ratio

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