Analisa Kekuatan dan Kecepatan pada Rancangan Sistem Pencekaman Ragum yang Digunakan di Mesin Milling Mikron Politeknik ATMI Surakarta

Agus . Kurniawan, Bayu . Prabandono, V Bram Armunanto, Abdi Surya Pangestu, Alfon Dodi Cahyo Lukito, Angga . Okfika, Antony . Salim, Arif . Bijaksana


In machining process at milling machine microns ATMI Polytechnic Surakarta, the tightening magnitude of vise for clamping workpiecesis less attention so the spindle and nut in the vise is damaged. In addition, the workpiece that is done with much variations forms require for fast replacement vise jaws so the time of production process can be effectively and efficiently. This applied research will design a vise that has control of spindle and nut tightening that they are not easily damaged and making a system in the vise that the jaws can be replaced quickly. Metedelogi this study start with identifying the basic needs, problem formulation, system design, analysis and construction calculation, evaluation and preparation of the outcome document. As a result, the strength of the clamping system is controlled using Mechanic Torque Limiter that limit of the maximum clamping force is 2 tons and a speed of replacement jaws is using Quick Change Jaws system. that the speed of replacement jaws is 11 seconds. With this system, the spindle and nut in the vise to be more durable and varied production process can be done quickly.

Keywords : Machine vice milling,  Torque limiter,  Quick-changed jaws

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