Pemilihan Teknologi Pengecoran Logam Dengan Pendekatan Fuzzy AHP Dan Fuzzy MCDM

Taufiq Rochman


Abstract : As an effort to achieve in manufacturing company target, selection of appropriate technology to support an effective and efficient production is very essential. In order to stay in competitive market, a company must anticipate and evaluate technological changing and put it as a technological opportunity to improve company’s production process. This research evaluates case study a metal casting industry to solve their problem on making decision to choose the best alternative of program to improve the technology of metal casting. Fuzzy MCDM approach is used to make decision in an uncertain information structure and fuzziness and also decision problem which has group characteristic with complexity to solve conflict among participate. Fuzzy MCDM has two methods that is fuzzy AHP and Fuzzy MCDM. Fuzzy According to fuzzy AHP method obtained by a highest importance weight value for production department is to develop pattern and mould (0.357), department of finishing is to develop pattern and mould (0.278), department of quality control is raw material requirement (0.194). The highest importance weight for geometric mean (compromise value) for all of department is to develop pattern and mould (0.265) and manufacture process (0.213). While highest value rank for geometric mean from all of department is alternatif-3 (182.6) that is technological development of finishing and control quality.

Keywords : Selecting Technology, Fuzzy AHP, Fuzzy MCDM

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