Studi Eksperimental Pengaruh Variasi Ketebalan Turbulator (Tipe Straight Tape Strip) Terhadap Karakteristik Perpindahan Panas Aliran Silang Susunan Silinder Staggered

Syamsul Hadi, D Danardono Dwi Prija T


Abstract : The purpose of this research is to conduct experimental studies on the influence of variations in the thickness of the straight tape strip type turbulator to the average convection heat transfer coefficient, the average Nusselt numbers, pressure drop and the formulation of empirical Nusselt number average on the composition of the staggered cylinders in cross flow.The material used is f 7/8 inches copper pipe and ± 60oC hot air flow. Turbulator material is mica sheet with a length of 150 mm and width 5 mm, turbulator variation thickness are 3.3, 2.6, 1.9, 1.2, 0.5 mm and without a turbulator. Turbulator installation done symmetrically at an angle of 70o to the direction of flow. Tests using Multi Purpose Air Duct with air flow velocity variations of 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 m/s. The results showed that the thickening turbulator will increase the value of convection heat transfer coefficient and average pressure drop. In variations of 3.3 mm thickness showed turbulator heat transfer coefficient of convection largest average for all variations of Reynolds number in the amount of 64,947.06 W/m2.K 66,973.51, 75,156.10, and 303,222.49 W/m2K. And the largest pressure drop of every variations of Reynolds number were 11.36, 22.72, 42.19 and 63.29 Pa. The experiments resulted formulation of empirical average Nusselt number 1.4 4.69 Nu = 5.12Re Pr .

Keywords : Turbulator, Straight- Tape Strip, Staggered Tube, Cross Flow, Nusselt Number, Pressure drop

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