Analisa Perlakuan Alkali Dan Pengukusan Terhadap Kuat Tarik Dan Tegangan Interfacial Serat Pelepah Salak

Seno Darmanto, Didik Purwadi, Sarwoko .


The aim of this research is to investigate the alkali treatment and steaming influence on mechanical properties of Snake Fruit frond fiber. The presence of surface impurities and the large amount of hydroxyl groups makes natural fiber less attractive for polymeric materials reinforcement. Effort to remove the impurities can be done by few treatments that consist of physical, chemical, and mechanical treatment. Snake Fruit frond single fiber were subjected to alkali treatments with concentration and time variation and steaming. The tensile tests was done according to standard ASTM D3379 showed the alkali and steaming treatment resulted in different tensile strength of Snake Fruit frond fiber compared without soaking. The highest tensile strength (353 MPa) was found at Snake Fruit frond fiber immersed in 1% NaOH selama 30 menit. Then treatment combinatian show the tensile strength (167 MPa) was found at Snake Fruit frond fiber immersed  in 5% of NaOH for 30 minutes and 5 bar of steaming. Next, pull-out test with polyester resin show that the interfacial stress reached 14,6 MPa for combination treatment of 3% alkali and steaming. These results show that the combination of alkali treatment and steaming on Snake Fruit frond fiber effects tensile strength and interfacial stress.

 keyword : Fruit Snake frond fiber, alkali treatment, steaming, tensile strength, interfacial stress.


Fruit Snake frond fiber

Alkali treatment


Tensile strength

Interfacial stress


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