Eksperimental Optimasi Tipe Lekuk Sudu Pada Pompa Difungsikan Sebagai Turbin Untuk Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Picohidro

Hantarum ., Dwi Aries H, Dominicus Danardono D. P. T., Sukmaji Indro Cahyono, Titis Srimuda Pitana


This study emphasizes the experimental pump functioned as turbine (PAT) by modifying the angle of entry and exit on the PAT blade. A pump for paddy NS-50 pump with a capacity of 563.22 litre/ minute and head 20 m tested in the laboratory of the Sebelas Maret University of Surakarta to obtain specific round figures. In this study the variables used are head (H) is 4 metre and the angle variation of the blade entry and exit totally 7 different specimens as well as variations in the shape of the blade is rectangular, round and oval. Pumps as turbines then connected to the generator and the result is electric power. Result of the research showed that the best variation is at the variation of the angle outgoing and incoming angles of 30/30, the rotation happens is 850 rpm and the generated power is 90 watts. The results of the experiments showed good results theoritically. It is suggested to further modifications by using the same pump, expected better results in order to achieve the best efficiency point of PAT.

keyword : Pump as turbine, Variation of blade, Electric power


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