Analisa Pengaruh Penambahan Mg Pada Komposit Matrik Aluminium Remelting Piston Berpenguat Sio2 Menggunakan Metode Stir Casting Terhadap Kekerasan Dan Densitas

Agiel Setyo Prabowo, Teguh Triyono, Indri Yaningsih


Aluminum Matrix  Composites  (AMCs)  is  one  kind  of advanced materials that are being developed today. AMC is widely used in applications that require high performance, such as the machining of aircraft, or also in the automotive industry This research aims to determine the effect of Mg to improve wettability on aluminum matrix  composite  piston  remelting  reinforcement  SiO2   using  stir casting method to the value of hardness and density.The stirring process temperature is 650oC, with a stirring speed is 600 rpm for 5 minutes, and the pouring temperature is 725oC, and the variations of mass Mg fraction are 1%, 1.5%, 2%, and 2, 5% with size of 9% SiO2  using mesh 270.The hardness testing using the Rockwell B and the density testing using Archimedes method.  The  results  showed  that  the  hardness  value  of  the  AMC increases along with the quantity of the added magnesium and addition 2%  of  Magnesium  has  the  highest  hardness  is  67.78  HRB,  This behavior indicates that the addition of magnesium (Mg) to increase the density and reached a high value is 2.460 g / cm3 in the variation of the addition a mass fraction of magnesium (Mg) 2.5%.

keyword : Aluminium, Piston,  Stircasting,  SiO2,  Mg, Wettability,  Brinell hardness, Density

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