Deteksi Detonasi Motor Bakar Otto/Bensin Dengan Pengamatan Pola Getaran Dan Penentuan Derajat/Waktu Pengapian Menggunakan Sistem Kontrol Fuzi (Fuzzy Control) Dan Metode Artificial Neurall Network/ANN

Augustinus Sujono


Abstract : Conventional systems for controlling ignition timing is already available, namely the governor and vacuum mechanisms, but this control is not optimal. When the ignition is set forward detonation will occur and when set back to be wasteful of fuel. So the conventional ignition system need to be equipped with electronic controls to provide a correction of a given ignition timing, to be precise. This correction is based on the respective engine characteristics map, which is then stored in the memory micro controller, to the calculation and correction in question. Calculations and correction system of decision making is based on the fuzzy logic control. With the ignition system combinations, providing the proper ignition timing, can be done without changing the manner of construction machinery, without changing the setting, can be installed easily and at any time can be enabled or disabled. This study gives good results. Detonation problems can be overcome and the engine performance in general be better, or more efficient. With the success of this research, the means have been found in new ignition systems in Otto motor (petrol engine), which is a combination of the ignition system, that the ignition system to be integrated with conventional control systems fuzzy logic control. Result analysis of the vibration frequency of producing the basic pattern of different machines with different between normal detonation conditions.

Keywords : Detonation, Ignition time, Engine vibration, Combustion, Petrol engine

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