Parameter Sudut Belok Roda Pada Kendaraan Dengan Sistem Kemudi Empat Roda

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Abstract : Four wheel steering (4 WS) system is a wheel steering system that can control the four wheels, it is used to control the vehicle easily. By the four wheel steering, it will gain the angle of the back wheels ( d r) which the size of the angle depends on the angle of the front wheels ( d f) or it can be said that the steer angle of the back wheels are as a function from the angle steer of the front wheels. From the schematic model of the vehicle, it is arranged a mathematic model formula with the first data (design parameter), so that it gets the kinematics and dynamic analysis theoretically which is as the correlation between the angle steer of the front wheels and the angle steer of the back wheels. The dynamic theoretical analysis of the vehicle on more than medium speed to get the correlation from the parameter to the other parameter, so that the vehicle can walk stabile. By the geometric analysis, it can be decided the influence of each parameter analysis.

Keywords : Two wheel steering, Four wheel steering, Steer angle of the front wheel, Steer angle of the back wheel, Speed, Slip angle

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