Pengujian Effisiensi Kompor Minyak Tanah Bersumbu

Budi Santoso


This research explained the influence number of hole
in flame holder at kerosene wick stoves. The object of research
was product from CV Kompor Gajah. On the power test there
no pan on the stove, the maximum power was measured at the
maximum blue flame position. The test results show that the
turn down of the tested stove was 2.28 kW. The efficiency test
was done by using the boiling water method. The water was
heated to its boiling point and the test was continued until total
testing reached one hour. This method was used as a
substitution for food cooking. The efficiency of tested stoves
was between 30% until 50%. Number of hole 676 have best
efficiency and it have best excess air.



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