Studi Antar Muka Top Coat Dan Bond Coat Pada Rekayasa Pelapisan Alumina Sebagai Lapisan Perintang Panas Untuk Aplikasi Temperatur Tinggi

Hariyati P, Sulistijono ., Lukman N, Rindang F, Cartha K


Abstract : This research summarized the microstructure analysis of interface Top coat Al2O3 and Bond coat NiAl alloy which deposited to substrate AlSi alloy by use of PFS Powder Flame Spraying) technique, and thermal cyclic where the out put specimen from fleme spraying is brought to the boil inside the furnace at temperatrure 600 oC with several cycles at 20, 50, and 100, and each cycle is held a weighing. For testing phase and microstructure is using the XRD, SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopes) and EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectrometer). In order to find out the hardness which it forms at each layer and interface is using the microhardness tester. This research has a scertainable, thet the bond which is formed at interface has a high hardness where is thermal cyclic had an effect on TGO figuration and varying phase. The TGO figuration, as affect of thermal cyclic, cause a reduction of the bondcoat it formed a microporosity which is madea failure at TBC system

Keywords : Phase, Microstructure, Thermal cyclic, Interface

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