Simulasi Perpindahan Panas Konduksi Pada Pengelasan Logam Tak Sejenis Antara Baja Tahan Karat Aisi 304 Dan Baja Karbon Rendah SS 400 Dengan Metode Beda Hingga

Eko Prasetya Budiana, Zainal Arifin, Tri Joko S


Abstract : Welding is a process which combine two material to became one, so that formed a connection with chemistry reaction that resulted from comsumtion of heat and pressure. Welding can be classified into three type : liquid welding, pressure welding and solder. Dissimilar-metal welding is weld join between two type of metal with different characteristic. Today, the development of technology and economic demand more increase so that dissimilar-metal welding between carbon steel and stainless steel is more useful for technic. This research uses finite different method : ADI method (Alternating direction implicit ). The step in this method is : using two dimension unsteady conduction heat transfer equation, making diskrititation,making a programs with it’s visualitation and then analyzing this program, so that generate the numerical simulation research The result of program simulation shows different distribution temperature in the left and right. The distribution temperature left plate is larger than the right plate it caused by conduction heat transfer coefisien factor each plate. Thermal conduction value is higher, so the distribution temperature that material is larger too.

Keywords : Numerical computation, Heat transfer, Finite Different, Dissimilar metal welding, ADI method

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