Pengaruh Rasio Pengepresan Terhadap Sifat Mekanik Dan Fisik Komposit Tepung Kanji – Cangkang Melinjo

Wijang Wisnu Raharjo, Didik Riyanto, Rendra Dedi A, Iva Irawan


Abstract : This research have a purpose to investigate the effect of pressing ratio to density, bending strength, and nail head pull. Composite made of strach gel and powder of melinjo shell and making process with mold press method. The variation used is pressing ratio, that is 40% pressing ratio, 50% pressing ratio and 60% pressing ratio. Density test based on ASTM D 792. Bending test and and nail head phull through test based on ASTM D 1037-96a. Research result shows that density, bending strenght and and nail head pull increase in line with increase of pressing ratio. Density, bending strenght and and nail head phull reach high value in 60% pressing ratio, serially in 0.966 gr/cm3, 7.297 MPa dan 330 N.

Keywords : Composite, Starch, Melinjo shell, Pressing ratio ,Bending strength, Density

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