Studi Kekuatan Tarik Dan Koefisien Gesek Bahan Komposit Arang Limbah Serbuk Gergaji Kayu Jati Dengan Matrik Epoxy

I Gusti Ketut Puja


Abstract : This study aims to investigate the coefficient of friction and tensile strength of composite materials of teak sawdust charcoal with Epoxy matrix. Sawdust charcoal made at a temperature of 200 and 300 Celsius degrees for two hours. Two kinds of charcoal are used as filler composites by varying the composition of charcoal with constant total filler content of 40 percent (v / v).Then the tensile test and the measuring of friction coefficient of the composite is conducted. The variation of composition that gives tensile strength and the best friction coefficient, then made a composite material by varying the content of filler / particles from 27, 36, 45 and 54 percent (v/v). The composites were developed with a hydraulic press mold method. The results showed that at the variation of composition of charcoal, the highest tensile strength occurred in the composition of a mixture of 100% charcoal 200 Celsius degree (0% charcoal 300 Celsius degree) is about 21 MPa. The largest friction coefficient also occurred in this composition is 0.55. At the variation of filler content, the highest tensile strength occurred at 36 percent particle content is about 19.5 MPa. The value of friction coefficient increases with increasing filler content in composite.

Keywords : Composite, Teak sawdust, Tensile strength, Friction coefficient

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