Simulasi Peningkatan Efisiensi Penggunaan Daya Pada Sistem Mobil Listrik Berpenggerak Motor Dc Dengan Menggunakan Logika Kabur (Fuzzy Logic)

Hery Tri Waloyo, Muhammad Nizam, Moh Domyadi


Abstract : The energy crisis and environment has been the central issues that concern in the developed and developing countries. One of the biggest contributor sectors was in transportation field. Manufacture of electric cars was important, in order to solve that problem. The aim of this research was to investigate power efficiency usage in electric car controlled system which is operated with DC motor by using fuzzy logic. The simulations were done to compare the performance of electric dc motor, by applying a method of conventional and fuzzy logic in term of the current usage, the speed and performance index of dc motor. The result showed the control by using fuzzy logic in the current produce has better response than conventional method in the start-up current, speed and acceleration. In the performance index comparison showed the fuzzy logic has also better than conventional. It can be concluded that by using the fuzzy logic control can be reduced the energy usage in electric car system.

Keywords : Fuzzy logic, Energy efficiency, Electric car control system

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