Kaji Eksperimen Kecepatan Pola Aliran Slug Air Udara Pada Aliran Dua Fase Searah Pipa Horisontal Menggunakan High Speed Video Camera

Budi Santoso, Fithroh D R, Indarto ., Deendarlianto ., Tjomas S W


Abstract : The purpose of this study was to examine velocity of the slug flow pattern of air-water. The method used is the visualization of flow patterns using highspeed video camera. The study was conducted on the water superficial velocity 0.139 m/s - 1.952 m/s and the air superficial velocity 1.043 m/s - 3.652 m/s on a horizontal pipe with a diameter of 24 mm pipe. Increase in superficial gas velocity causes the aeration mechanism (gas-phase entry in the form of small bubbles into the liquid phase) to produce slug flow. Constant value C0 in equation Nicklin (1962) obtained in this study correspond to the value proposed by Bendiksen (1984) for Fr> 3.5.

Keywords : Two phase flow, Horizontal pipe, Air-water, Slug flow, High-speed video camera, Visulisation

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