Aplikasi Kampas Rem Berlapis Dan Beralur Untuk Mendapatkan Efek Pengereman Antilok Pada Sepeda Motor

Wibowo .


Abstract : Antilock braking system (ABS) is mostly used in vehicycles and has good performance when it be applied. The complexity of control system ABS makes it impossible to be applied in motorcycles. In this research is investigation of layer and grooved pad to get better performance in braking motorcycles. The procedure of the research is by measuring the vibration of the braking force when the sample of layer and grooved pad be apllied. Two-treatmentcomparison method is used to observe the exsistence of significant difference between braking system with standart pad and the one modified pad. The result of the investigation show that there are increase directional stability, reduce stopping distance and reduce the temperature of the pad.

Keywords : Antilock braking, Layer and grooved, Directional stability, Stopping distance

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