Pengembangan Teknik Rekondisi Tabung Storage Cryogenic Untuk Optimalisasi Program Inseminasi Buatan (Artificial Insemination)

R Hari Setyanto, Kuncoro Diharjo, Rusdjajanto .


Abstract : Karanganyar district of Central Java as the one of cattle meat production has more than 52,000 ox popullation, 70% cow and 30% ox. However, the breeders no longer use ox for breeding, meaning that almost 95% of breeding rely artificial insemination techniques. Important equipment and the most easily damaged IB is for cryogenic storage tank. Important equipment and the most easily damaged IB is for cryogenic storage tank. Need of liquid nitrogen storage tank reaches 65 unit with the level of damage to the 14 unit per year, and not have a workshop that is capable of recondition well. Damage from the main tube is tube leak, sponge seal leak closed, and the remaining includes the tube broken neck, broken canister, hanger dropouts. The main purpose of these activities is to develop recondition techniques and the tank so that it is able to (1) reduce the import dependency of the product tanks, (2) reduce the cost of artificial insemination, and (3) the self-help insemination by farmer. Materials research is a tube container (cryogenic storage tanks) that have been damaged which is then reconditioned. Process improvements were made with surgical tubing, then determined the tools used in the tube division, describes its components, danselanjutnya analyzed the materials used in the tube. Next, the tube was reconditioned. The results showed that the main damage on the tube is 30% leaky tube, 50% sponge cover seal is leaking, and the remaining 20% covering broken neck tube, canister broke, broken hanger. Based on the tests, the results of reconditioning on tubes showed that the level of liquid nitrogen leakage will still occur but can be pressed up to the volume of nitrogen was 60% (period of a month).

Keywords : Artificial insemination, Cryogenic storage tanks, Leaking tubes, Reconditioning

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