Pengaruh Proses Burnishing Terhadap Kekasaran Dan Kekerasan Mild Steel Menggunakan Mesin Bubut Konvensional

Guruh Purwanto, Didik Djoko Susilo, Budi Santoso


Abstract : The Surface quality is very important in the process of making a product. It can be indicated by the level of surface roughness and hardness. This research aim was to investigate the effect of burnishing process on surface roughness and surface hardness of mild steel using a conventional lathe Burnishing parameters used in this research were the spindle speed and the depth of penetration. The spindle speed parameters used were: 130 rpm, 320 rpm, 570 rpm, and 770 rpm, while the depth of penetration parameters were: 0.05 mm, 0.1 mm, 0.15 mm, 0.2 mm. This research also investigated the effect of burnishing process to the axis alignment before and after burnishing process. For the purpose of this research, burnishing process used burnishing roll with sphere diameter 19 mm and R 5.5 mm. The results of the research showed that burnishing proses could improve the surface quality. Optimal spindle speed for surface roughness is 570 rpm for all depth of penetration variables. The increase of depth of penetration would decreas the surface roughness. The increase of spindle speed and depth of penetration did not increase the surface hardness and the axis alignment.

Keywords : Roll Burnishing, Surface Roughness, Surface Hardness

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