Pengaruh Sudut Potong Pahat Terhadap Gaya Pemotongan Pada Proses Bubut Beberapa Material Dengan Pahat Hss

Ivan Norma Susila, Zainal Arifin, Didik Djoko Susilo


Abstract : This research studied the effect of the tool wedge angle on the cutting force at some materials. Test was performed byforce-measuring instrument (dynamometer) in the turning machinewith HSS tools, the variation of wedge angle was 60o, 65o, 70o, and 75o. The tests used three kinds of materials, namely, AISI 1015 steel, 6061 aluminum, and nylon. Force measurement were performed on tangential and axial direction. Cutting force measurement was gotten with used Advantech data acquisitionand adamview software. Analysis was performed to determine the effect of the tool wedge angle on cutting force and chip was produced in three types of material. The result of the research showed that the bigger tool wedge anglemake the cutting force become bigger in three types of material. The greatest cutting force for AISI 1015 steel, 6061 alumunium and nylon are 529.9, 250.5 and 163.8 N, which all happened on tangential force wedge angle 75o. It was caused bigger tool wedge angle make contact area tool with workpiece become bigger, than chip shear strength become bigger. Bigger tool wedge angle produced thicker chip and easier to broken, especially for hard material like AISI 1015 steel.

Keywords : Cutting force, Wedge angle, Dynamometer, Chip

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