Studi Eksperimental Prototip I Mesin Ekstruder Mie Jagung

Halomoan P Siregar, Satya A Putra, Andi Taufan, Novrinaldi ., Yose R Kurniawan


Abstract : Experimental study have been done on the first prototype extruder machine for processing corn noodle. The materials that are extruded noodles made from whole corn flour mixed with water and salt to form a dough reaches the water content of 90% dry basis and 70% dry basis each. Pretreatment of corn flour dough made by the process of steaming for 20 minutes, then put into the hopper of extruder machine to undergo the extrusion process to produce noodles. Experiments performed with several variations of the rotation extruder shaft machine by setting on the instrument frequency rate inverter used is at 15, 25, 35 and 45 Hz and produces shaft extruder rotation, 38, 55, 78, 101 rpm respectively. Parameters recorded include noodles capacity generated, the amount of current amperes happens, residence time, solid loss due to cooking or KPAP, water content of noodles, noodles elongation and diameter of noodles. Prime mover of extruder machine used is 3 phase electric motor and transmitted to the shaft with gear reduction extruder machine 1: 10 with a V-belt and then connected to the engine shaft by transmission chain clutch. The experimental results show that the results of an extruder machine is selected and considered optimum to be operated in small industry was on lap 35 rpm with a resulting capacity of approximately 25-50 kg / h and the electric motor power 6.5 kW propulsion needed. In addition to performance extruder machines, will be presented also the characteristics of the resulted noodles.

Keywords : Extruder machine, Corn noodles, Experimental studies, Small industry

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