Rancang Bangun Tungku Pencairan Logam Alumunium Berkapasitas 2 Kg dengan Mekanisme Tahanan Listrik (Pengujian Performansi)

Ismail Mukti Adi, Wahyu Purwo Raharjo, Eko . Surojo


This research aims to design and assemble aluminum melting furnace with a capacity of 2 kg of electrical energy. Electrical energy is used because it is more easily obtained than other fuels. The heating element wrapped around kowi a diameter of 140 mm and height 130 mm. Furnace wall coated with calcium silicate material that resists heat up to the temperature of 1000oC and outer walls coated steel plate. The furnace diameter of 285 mm with a height of 210 mm and a given holder for ease of pouring liquid aluminum by turning the lever so it does not need to raise the furnace and safe for workers.

Performance testing process is done by putting a heat sensor (thermocouple) on the heating element and also in the liquid metal. It is to know the heat emitted by the heating element and the heat received by the molten metal. Retrieval of data obtained from the temperature change with time. Heat furnace temperature can be set by using thermocontroller.

The results of these tests indicate that these tools provide a high temperature up to 800 oC. Use at temperatures of 750 °C resulted in 64.05% efficiency that is theoretically able to melt 2 kg of aluminum metal in a time 54,24 minutes and the actual time of 55 minutes at the temperature of 745oC molten metal. Electric power required furnace is 3385.3 W.

Keywords : Furnace, Aluminium, Melting, Smelting, Crucible

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