Penggunaan Energi Bahan Bakar Untuk Pengeringan Ikan Asin/Keumamah

Muhammad Ilham Maulana


Abstract : This research carried out to develop drying technology across Nangroe Aceh Darussalam, and find the alternative energy source for the drying machine. In NAD province, fishery products were the manly commodity that could accommodate 58.309 of family labor or fund of 291.545 people. The problem of Aceh fisherman and most other developing countries worldwide is due largely to the inability to preserve fish surpluses, and fluctuation of fish’s price. Drying and heating processes were employed for temporary preservation of fishery product, so that it can be stored for future use, hence increases economics and support national export. Drying Machine using in this study was a cabinet dryer, consist of burner room, hot air dealer duct, flow changer, velocity rectifier and early flow director. This machine was tested using three fuel source which is kerosene, gas and wood with drying capacity 60 kg. The experiment results show that needed of drying time by fresh fish product to become ikan kayu by using this three fuel types is same, about 8 hours. The lowest water rate of ikan kayu by using gas fuel were 1,45 %, and by using wood fuel which is12,75%. The highest drying speed was achieved for drying process by using wood fuel (1,80 %) and the lower speed by using gas fuel (1,62 %). Production capacity of ikan kayu produce by using these three kind of fuel were same about 2,5 kg/hours. Drying temperature was around 90oC for all kinds of fuel.

Keywords : Drying machine, Fuel, Drying speed, Akan kayu

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