Simulasi Numerik Perpindahan Panas Aliran Udara Ventilasi 2 Dimensi Dengan Metode Beda Hingga

Eko Prasetya Budiana, Zainal Arifin, Fajar Rohim Suyono


Abstract : Numerical simulation of heat transfer in two dimensional ventilation’s air flow has been done to find out the convection phenomenon that occurs in 2D with variation of ventilation, which consist of fluid flow profile, distribution of temperature. The simulation is done by solving governing equation of forced convection including continuity equation, momentum equation and energy equation using finite difference approximations. The solving of governing equations is done by ADI method for calculation momentum equation of x and y direction without enclose pressure unsure to get temporary velocity (u* and v*). Then pressure is calculated by Line Gauss Seidel Iteration method, and used to find out true u and v value. Energy equation that contain temperature is also solved by ADI method. Visualization’s result show that finite difference method can be applied to analize the phenomenon that occurs on variation of ventilation. This research can be used to analize the equipments which use the principle of force convection heat transfer, especially the equipments is used for variation of ventilation’s air flow system.

Keywords : Force convection, Heat transfer, Finite different method, Navier Stokes equations

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