Analisis Kekuatan Pintu Geser Kompak Dan Dinding Bagian Pintu Busway Dengan Metode Elemen Hingga

Tono Sukarnoto, Soepriyadi ., Soeharsono .


Abstract : Sliding doors in certain busway fleet take many areas around the door. Unfortunately, this condition will inhibit the passenger’s mobility. To eliminate this weakness, a new model and compact type sliding doors have been designed. The new sliding doors will slide inside the wall cavity, different with the existing one that the slide way is mounted beside the bus wall. With 90 mm total wall thickness in door section the new sliding doors will not occupy areas that are needed by standing passengers. This paper discusses the static structural analysis on the door structure including the body wall section of sliding door based on finite element method using CATIA packed program. All frame structures are made from structural square pipe steel JIS G3445 STKM 12A with 2 mm thickness and minimum yield strength is 175 MPa. The results show that maximum stress worked in the door is 68, 6 Mpa with the deflection of 2.1 mm. As for body wall section, the maximum stress is 48 MPa with deflection of 1.38 mm. These result show that the new design including geometry, dimension and materials selected both for door and body wallare strength enough to be used on busway body.

Keywords : Busway, Sliding door, Finite element, Stress, Deflection

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