Perancangan Solar Tracker Sebagai Peningkatan Efisiensi Energi Listrik Yang Dihasilkan Panel Surya Dengan Menggunakan Logika Kabur (Fuzzy Logic)

Sidik Susilo, Muhammad Nizam, Eko Prasetya Budiana


Abstract : At this time greatly increased energy needs. Among them is a need for electricity increases. Various aways used to increase the supply of electrical energy world, solar panel is an alternative options, but solar panels are commonly used manual way, that is by exposing the solar panel on a trajectory that is often passed by the sun is orientate in one direction  Thus, in this research tries to make a solar tracker using LDR (Light Dependent Resistor), and a control system using fuzzy logic (Fuzzy Logic) The working principle of solar tracker when the sun is shining on the LDR LDR resistance decreases so that the current flowing through the LDR increases. When dark LDR resistance increases and the current flowing through the LDR decreases. This phenomenon is diamanfaatkan as a light sensor. The difference of the current value of the four sensors are used as an analog input on the microcontroller ATMega 16 which was then converted into a digital signal and converted back to an analog signal as the output of the microcontroller. The analog signal from a microcontroller such as 5 volts which then flows into the leg base transistor that acts as a trigger relay that serves as a bridge for motor control actuators H as a driver of solar panels. Thus the light received by the solar panels can be more optimal than if the solar panels are only facing at one point coordinates. From the research shows that increases power output of solar tracker than the electrical power generated by the solar panels without fuzzy logic control by 12.10% at 10 ohm load and 2.56% at 100 ohm load. Using fuzzy logic control efficiencies increased 1.39% in the 10 ohm load and 0.06% at 100 ohm load compared to solar panels without fuzzy logic control.

Keywords : Solar panels, LDR, Microcontroler, Solar Tracker, Fuzzy Logic

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